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20 years old. Dreamer. Fighter. Blogger. I can't function without music, without anything to write on, and without a book. Hate me ? I don’t care. I’m numb! Loves: God, my family, friends. I love coffee, blogging, fashion, shoes, dresses, bags, traveling and learning new things. I love kisses in the rain, photographs, new nail polish, TV series like Gossip Girl and Pretty little liars. I am a Parisian and also love NYC. I love being love, being admired and being appreciated. I love goodmorning/goodnight text messages, cellphones, iPod. Hates: Plastics,cheaters, copycats, lies


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Lunes, Hulyo 16, 2012

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Sabado, Hunyo 23, 2012

New Update!

Some days I smile. Some days I cry. I can be driving along feeling okay, and then after a minute, it suddenly changed. I am punishing myself. I have taken responsibility for my actions, was prepared for the consequences. A thought will jump into my mind, this is the road I drove down for my mistakes. Do I need help or I’m just worrying way too much?

God, I’m not sure why things have turned out like this; but I know you would never put me in this position, if it wasn’t for a good reason.

Miyerkules, Disyembre 28, 2011

Fortunes of the Monkey in Dragon Year 2012-13

Born oh the year 1992. So, I am a METAL.

But these fortunes are general. Go YEAR OF THE MONKEY!! Let's get it.

Famous Monkeys Include:
Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Venus Williams, Michael Douglas, Gillian Anderson, David Copperfield, Leonardo da Vinci, Ian Fleming, Richard Madeley, Jerry Hall, Elizabeth Taylor, Kylie Minogue and Rod Stewart.

With an inbuilt investigative nature, clever Monkey can also be mischievous and deceptive at times. Although good company and ever full of good intentions, playful, quick-witted Monkey's love of practical jokes can sometimes hurt the feelings of others.
Intelligent but easily bored, they thrive in Urban contexts, where more opportunities exist for resourceful, versatile and ingenious Monkeys to exploit and profit from.

Ideal Monkey Careers and Occupations Include:
Accountancy, Banking, Science, Engineering, Stock-broking, Sales, Cinema, Acting, Singing, Engineering, Research, Information Technology, Finance, Accountancy, Sales and Science.

In relationship terms, Monkeys are most compatible with those born under the Signs of the Rat and Dragon and least compatible with Horses or Snakes.

Monkey in Dragon Year 2012-13
Certain difficulties will arise for the 'Great Sage' this year but Monkey 'Magic' i.e.'Luck' should be enough to cope. Avoid greed and speculation (especially in Summer and Autumn) and financial mishaps can be prevented.
Romance, for Monkey Males this year is a non-starter conversely, for Female Monkeys it's an auspicious and promising time indeed.

Martes, Disyembre 27, 2011

A guy who's worth it.

The one who won’t dip in a month, that won’t go to a better looking girl. That doesn’t want you just for the physical things. The one who respects you and your decisions. The one that understand that family is first and school is important. The one that won’t take you away from your friends. Someone who’s not embarrassed to be with you in public. The one that talks to you the same way, both in person and on text. The one who just loves unconditionally.
There's only one man who will never break your heart, soul, hope, your all. He is Lord.


A good way to start!! 

Fashion Trends. Designed for people like you who make things happen.

Everyone has a story.

One that you will never know. A story that you would never understand, never know the feeling of, nor know what it was like to have experienced it. So before going off on someone, judging them, and trying to make them feel bad about themselves, think first. You don’t know what they’ve been through. A smile already hides a lot.
I’ve always wanted to be someone’s idea of beautiful.